Daniela Costin organised this informative, relaxed and constructive seminar which I had the pleasure of HOSTING and conducting RED CARPET INTERVIEWS as well as doing a SPEECH on ‘Older Women in the Modelling Industry, a subject I feel very passionate about ;-D
Topics covered were:
Starting as a model covering: Advantages and Disadvantages of TFP, how not to get scammed, how to find paid jobs.
Talk about pageants and charity fashion events.
How to gain followers on Instagram, themes for your account and how to get your audience engaged.

Models included:

Rosemary Lloyd (Miss Worldwide 2017, Earth Air 2017), Anna Utalishvilli (Miss Teen Continental 2017), Melissa Rahimi (Catwalk Model & Entrepreneur), Ina Nica (Published Model, Face & Brand Ambassador for House of Ikons), Jessica O’Donegan (Model and Actress).

Daniela Costin is the Founder and Director of Miss Continental UK and Continental Modelling Agency and was voted ‘Best Pageant Director’ at The IAA Awards 2017

Daniela Costin is also looking for Contestants for her forthcoming Beauty Pageant ‘Miss Continental UK’

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