The International Achievers and Phenomenal Business Awards 2017

I have pleasure in announcing that I WON ‘BEST FEMALE TV PERSONALITY’ 2017 and ‘INNOVATION OF THE YEAR’ for my Beauty School The Angel Academy of Teaching and Training
I am overwhelmed at how many people voted for me and I am forever Thankful and Love you all 😉
I also want to Thank the incredibly talented Chanise Thompson for single-handedly organising thus superior event and to all of my incredible friends and contacts that I met on the night xxxxx
Special Thanks to Photographers: Minde LPI Photography, Karlton Chambers, FotoRender, Chima Luke Okafor and Marco Gafarelli, Videographer Angelo Lorenzo Beauty Queen Rosemary Lloyd, Make-Up Artiste Taniya Khan, Hair Stylist Yolander Shillingford, Award Winner Yasmine Trendy, Reality TV Star Jay Kamiraz, Pageant King Giuseppe Nkansah, Fashion Designer Reka Orosz, Pakistan In Vogue Ambassador Nyma Khan, Pageant Organisers Daniele Costin and Aliona and so many more …..

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new IAA award banner jpeg

International Achievers Awards, launched in February 2013 in view of becoming the world’s largest awards ceremony for music, television, films, organizations, aspiring young people – it happened!

This international prestigious ceremony celebrates an all-round accomplishments of a hard working community within entertainment and showbiz especially the unknown talent that needs exposure.

International Achievers Awards appetite for seeking out the best in music, films, television, etc has attracted a global audience of entertainers, fans, and industry leaders.

A panel of industry experts (you) will nominate and choose the Top Five Acts in each category. 

Judging each act on originality, presentation, lyrics, arrangement, etc.

The Top Five acts are voted on by the general public with acts with the most votes winning!

International Achievers Awards is at the forefront of acknowledging the best in the entertainment industries founded by Chanise Thompson (TV presenter, Model, Radio presenter Entrepreneur, mentor and Miss Commonwealth Caribbean), Its primary aim is to acknowledge the achievements of those with the industry over the course of 6-12 months.

International Achievers Awards comprises of music, television, films and the young aspiring individuals from all around the world. Design to empower and encourage diversity with the motion pictures and audio-visual industries, the foundation primarily agrees on the annual list of categories and nominees via a public vote International Achievers Awards is open to bodies and individuals committed to our aims and objectives: to be a resource to all and a professional association working with established industry unions, societies and associations to diversify their memberships.


Pictured: Chanise Thompson